Casalina Textile , which was established as the third generation, ongoing from grandfather to grandchild since 1966, has started its production activity in 2016 for a goal of R & D, design and innovation with 50 years of textile experience.

Our company has its headquarters in Denizli, which is one of the textile centers of TR and our company always has a reliable, stable and experienced team staff on the path of being a leading company. We meet customer demands with modern designs and high quality product productions. Therefore, one of the prominent aspects of our company is the R & D department. We produce our wide range of products from our own designs. Besides, we are developing the designs of the customers together.

Our company is export oriented and is in trade with 12 different countries all over the world. We are exporting our products to USA, mainly to European countries, using the brands of our own Company (CASALINA and LINA HOME) and the brands of our customers.

Textile is our enthusiasm, the driving force behind our performance and our inspirational is our customers...


To fulfil our obligations towards the society and to act in a socially responsible manner at all times.

To believe on the power of teamwork, synergy and communication to build a pleasant working environment.

To try to be the best in any activity they are involved in. To focus on results without sacrificing quality in our products and services.

To ensure the highest level of customer’s satisfaction.

We will always continue with our first day's faith and determination.

To believe that the key to success is productive, disciplined and planned effort.